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As an female Afghan-American artist, the world powers think they can deal with everything through force, weapons and money, but, before one does anything, one needs to get familiar with the traditions and history of the country," an Afghan artist, fashion designer and the voice of voiceless women in and outside of Afghanistan based in Los Angeles, California. "One needs to be sensitive and ask, what is important for the women, children and artist of Afghanistan. These barbarians do not have anything to do with the arts and culture, but other people in Afghanistan do. It is these people who need support and security and who should not be simply delivered to those who have no respect for the arts, culture or women. Since August 15, 2021 women of Afghanistan are destroying their art.  The women artist of Afghanistan are in panic, fear, resurgence of the PTSD of the people who have lived through Taliban time before. It's perceived by the Afghans as regression to a time that they never thought would come back again. Women were able to create art on the streets of Afghanistan, these women were given opportunity to stand on stage and perform live performances. Musicians in Afghanistan that they are now breaking down their studios and hiding everything.


Twenty years ago, the Taliban shut all schools, girls were forbidden from going to school, women couldn't go to work, they were whipped, they were stoned, they were raped. The world kept watching. Regardless if it’s the same or different Talibans it’s Talibans. “I don't know what kind of people they are, they rape and kill women. They have no respect, for their sisters, mothers, art and culture is a sin in the eyes of Talibans. Twenty years ago they destroyed our world heritage in Bamiyan an historical symbolic that gathered international community coming to Afghanistan for over two decades. Our governments should have found an international solution to this problem. Running away to leave people in the lurch isn’t and can’t be the solution. Please understand the disappointment, the pain and the anger that Afghans carry within themselves. The Taliban government won’t provide any information for the first three to six months. Then they will begin to stifle rights. The women and children of Afghanistan are in danger and I will continue to express the seriousness help from women around the world to help us women and children of Afghanistan.

-Sara Assefi

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